The Incredible Journey through Hadleaf-land!

Welcome to the whimsical world of the Had Leaf Dispensary! Here, you find yourself in a remote corner of awe and wonder, also known as Hadley, MA. Then just skip down the road a bit and you’ll end up in the exciting and glamorous world of Granby, MA. Our Weed Store is comfortably nestled right between the two, just to keep things interesting.

It’s not just any weed store, it’s ‘the’ weed store! Our motto: We’re not in Kansas anymore, we’re in Had Leaf! Here at Had Leaf, we specialize in the finest Recreational Marijuana the courageous Northampton and Amherst seekers could hope to find.

South Hadley MA didn’t miss out on our charm either. We’re introducing ourselves as Hadleaf Cannabis, equally loved by one and all.

Yes folks, it’s a pot shop, it’s a cannabis dispensary, it’s the Super Bowl of super shops – it’s everything your little heart could desire. Whether you are after Recreational Marijuana in Northampton and Amherst or seeking a Cannabis Dispensary in North Amherst & South Hadley, Hadleaf is your one-stop shop. So come on down, and let your journey through our incredible landscape of leafy goodness begin!